Friday, 28 September 2012


Yesterday the social worker came by for the third time. We talked about bread, Winterberg in Germany, France in general, moving to Norway and a little bit about what happened and how I felt about it now. And I must say: I feel okay. I have yet to dream about it (it will happen at some point, I know), but I can talk about it with some degree of distance. 

We will have one last meeting in November and then I will have to do it on my own. Well, with family, friends and colleagues that is! I must say I feel positive about the help I received, it certainly helped me get things in perspective a lot more. Your head can say all these things to you, but unless your heart says the same, you will get stuck at some point! And she helped me realise in my heart that my head was right. 


  1. It's good to know you're feeling better. Such an event is not lightly accepted and it takes a while for heart and head to agree.

  2. I'm sure glad you're getting some help. I'd hate to think of you being unnecessarily haunted by it.
    Hi from Dick. We're still in northern Alberta, will be home to our darlin' dog on Monday. We sure miss her.
    Luv, K

  3. Klinkt goed. Misschien ga je er wel nooit over dromen, dat kan ook nog. Fijn dat deze hulp zo goed werkt, al denk ik dat je eigen nuchterheid en realisme je ook niet in de weg zitten. ;-)

  4. That's always the problem, head and heart, the head you can control, the heart never !

  5. I am so happy that the social worker along with family and friends have been able to help you get to a good place. ((HUGS))

  6. How do I get so far behind? I clicked today, and there's all sorts of posts from everyone, including four from you. Keep on healing.


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