Thursday, 27 September 2012


After seeing an episode of Doctor Who about Madame de Pompadour a few years ago, I so wanted to visit the Chateau de Versailles. Just over two years ago I got that chance when my parents had invited us all to spend a week with them near Paris. Me and my sister then went to Paris and to Versailles. And it didn't disappoint!

The one room that was completely over the top, was also the one room that was very very crowded. It was a shame really, but I guess they probably thought I was clogging up the space as much as I was thinking it about them! However, I still loved that room, perhaps because it was so over the top. It was of course the Hall of Mirrors. It was 'fancy' squared! Mind you, the whole place was over-fancy and it all screamed 'look at us having all the money'. And in some parts a bit amusement parky before its time!

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  1. I remember that we were squeezed in this room likes sardines in a can ! You could hardly see the walls ! I also found it beautiful until I had seen the Dolmabace Palace in Istambul, then Versailles became a garden shed !

  2. Besides the beautiful fountains that Hall of Mirrors was my favorite!

  3. Now that's fancy! Lily and Emmy would love to go there some day. (Me, too!)


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