Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It all went so well...

Wuppie and his wonky ear
I was doing fantastic, posting nearly every day, having something to tell, you know, blogging business. And then it stopped. I mean, I still had stuff to tell, but for some reason I couldn't really be too bothered by telling them. I don't know why. But, here I am again, all fired up and ready to go, so I thought I would give you all a little update about everything.
First of all Norway of course. A lot of people have asked me how things are going on the Norwegian front (so to say) and the only answer I can give right now is 'slow'. They would get in touch with me within a couple of days, but I guess there days last longer! Never mind though, I hope to hear from them soon and in the mean time I work as much as I can to earn some extra money.
I saw this again, although this photo was taken two years ago
Work then. I have been doing a mixture of the 'boring' school run stuff and 'adventurous' long distance stuff and will continue to do so this week. Nice on the one hand because it keeps me busy, not so nice on the other, because I make long hours. Yesterday was a 14 1/2 hours day! Tomorrow will be another one like that!
The monsters. Well, they are doing fine. They want to go outside, but the weather has turned a bit and it is autumn now: rain, wind, cold and I am not looking forward to wet cat one bit! Wuppie has slowed down recently and Linette has been throwing up occasionally, so I have to keep my eye on both of them!
Me. Well, I am doing fine. Occasionally packing, although if you were to see my home, you wouldn't really think so: so much stuff, especially books are still out there and unpacked! But, as soon as I get more definitive news from Norway, I will call some moving companies to get the best deal and get lots and lots of boxes to fill!


  1. Apparently you had a "Bog blockage" and are now back to writer's cramps. Cats throwing up is rather normal, it happens almost every day here. Especially when they have eaten grass !

  2. Oh, that ear really is wonky. As for the rest of it, Carry On.

  3. Wuppie's ear does look funny, but I am glad he is doing better.
    Glad you are well, too, and haven't disappeared to Norway yet.
    Luv, K

  4. Sorry your babies don't feel well.
    I get blocked often in my blogging so I stick with meme's often! Hope you hear soon. I was thinking about you as were shuttle to the Race Tracks and the Wedding last weekend while in Chicago, IL.


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