Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Flesland Airport, Bergen
It has been over three weeks since the 'thing' happened and I am coming to grips with it. Through the help of family, friends, colleagues and a social worker and of course through time. However, it wasn't all bad what happened that day and I want to tell you of a little thing.
The police station was old and dirty and these were the actual words of the front desk policeman! Well, he said them in French, but you know what I mean. Anyway, old and dirty and some things just weren't working any more. There were two toilets: a proper sit-down one and one that was just the old French favourite: a hole in the ground. One was out of order and fortunately it was the hole in the ground.
During that day I had to visit the toilet on several occasions, water and stress just have that result you know. And then on one of my visits I saw a sign on the door: 'As by order of the commanding officer (I guess), this toilet is reserved for Mrs J' (again in French of course). That was me! But, the other toilet was not working!
Schotstue, Bryggen, Bergen
When my boss and colleague arrived from the Netherlands, they needed to go too and they were then told: go outside! By the police!! They didn't really know where to look or what to think and actually thought the police were joking! Which they weren't, since I had the toilet all to myself! And my boss and colleague ànd the police themselves, needed to find an alternative place.
I would have liked a photo of that sign, since I do collect those, but in the end I decided I wouldn't. Not worth the hassle!


  1. That is quite the story. Nice that you got your own restroom. When we drove from Paris to Italy we stopped at a few rest areas that had those holes, I just couldn't use them!

  2. I think that is such a sweet and funny story! And I'm glad you are doing well!


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