Thursday, 20 September 2012


I could use park or woodland and even garden, so it wasn't that hard! As long as I found one that I liked that is...
One of the dreads of anybody having a garden is little critters thinking you've put up a buffet for them. And in my case I have. I have planted hostas especially for the snails and they love them, evidenced by the lack of leaves from the moment the leaves start to appear! Recently I saw one in action: turning the flowers of the hosta into his lunch! Munch munch...
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  1. Snails ! they have nearly eaten up all my flowers and plants I had to put some snail killing powder and collected over 150 ! (then I stopped counting) we never ever had such a snail invasion !!

  2. Great shot! I do love hostas, they make lovely boarder plants.


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