Wednesday, 5 September 2012


He is used to waiting I guess
I knew it would take time to hear from Norway again regarding the interview I had. But once you've had an interview, you want the result immediately. You don't want to wait. I had spoken to my boss last week and he said he hadn't heard from Norway yet and I hadn't heard anything either. My friend C told me I would, be patient, don't worry. BUT THEY STILL DIDN'T GET IN TOUCH!! (This is me being very very impatient)
Ah well, they did today. As you may remember I had an interview and a test-drive in Bergen. However, the Bergen branch had all the staff they needed and I would end up on a waiting list. There were also branches in Trondheim and Haugesund and after a quick call to the latter, it turned out they did need people. (Yes, yes, I am getting on with it, don't worry)
So, what did they say? Here's the translation:
Hey Mara,

Thanks for the nice meeting in Bergen on Friday 24 august and subsequent test drive with L. I have just sent your papers on to Haugesund c/o A and she will contact you sometime during the next few days. I hope you can agree on further progress.

Good luck further.



  1. Yes, good luck further and as the Frenchs say : l'espoir fait vivre !

  2. More waiting!
    Good luck, I hope you get the job you want, although part of me is secretly hoping you'll still be in The Netherlands in mid-November.

  3. Hurray! Waiting is really hard. Glad you finally got some news!

  4. Sounds like something may come of this. Hope it comes quickly!!!

  5. Canada's loss is Norway's gain.


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