Monday, 27 February 2012

Was it worth it?

I don't often stay up for the Oscars. After all, the red carpet doesn't start until past midnight here in Europe! But since I am on holiday this week and had all the time in the world, I thought I might do it again this year.

The red carpet was littered with beautiful men and women who were slowly making their way up to the theater, posing and answering questions as they went. Somehow this reminded me a bit of one of the earliest scenes in 'Singing in the Rain' where two stars are asked about their career, although not their clothes! Which seemed to be the question of the day: 'Who are you wearing?' I must admit though: most of them did look lovely and I didn't see any horrors pass.

The show itself was a great show, I must admit. The only thing I didn't get was Cirque du Soleil. But that might just be me! I loved Will Ferrell and Zack Whateveriakis, Miss Piggy and Kermit didn't get nearly enough screentime and the three men accepting the Oscar that Angelina Jolie doled out were hilarious! Although I did agree with someone on Twitter: she should eat a little more! She looked too skinny.

There was however one thing I didn't like: the breaks. Over three minute for a break? What?? And every five minutes as well. It probably is normal over at that side of the pond, but I felt they were taking the mickey somewhat. Anyway...

As I have yet to see any of the films nominated or winning last night, I thought I would go to the cinema and see at least one. So, tomorrow me and my friend will go to the cinema and see one of the Oscar winners: The Muppets!


  1. I did see some of the dresses on E! this morning and thought they were all stunning. Most of those people need to eat something I think. Certainly if you take into consideration that TV adds pounds.

    Enjoy the Muppets :-)

  2. We watched much of it on delay, but we caught up to live in about the last hour.

    We've just seen The Help and Iron Lady. I wish The Help could have done better, and I think Streep certainly deserved the Oscar: an excellent performance, which was better than the movie itself. Not that the movie was bad.

  3. I saw bits and pieces in different news and that was really enough !

  4. I really enjoyed the show.
    Yes Angelina is way too skinny, it is not a good look. Yes we have lots of commercials in the USA. I put up with them for the Oscars because I want to watch it live but all shows I watch I DVR them and FF through the commercials.
    Glad you stayed up to watch them.

  5. You know you're old when you don't recognize any of the names and faces of the Oscar winners!

  6. I didn't even watch the Oscars this year. I've only seen the Help, and I like looking at the dresses the next day! I really want to take Lily and Emmy to see the Muppets!


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