Tuesday, 20 October 2009

You can't make an omelet without cracking some eggs...

I always check eggs before I put them in my shopping cart. After all, I don't want to pay for cracked eggs. So, a few weeks ago, I checked the eggs, saw they were fine, bought them and brought them home. And when I tried to make myself an egg sandwich a few days later, I couldn't use them. Because somewhere between buying them and putting them in the cupboard for further use, one of them had cracked and spilt and all the other eggs were now stuck to the box! I managed to crack one while it was still in the box, but it produced such a mess, that I threw the rest in the bin.

This morning I needed new eggs. So, I went to the store, checked the box for broken eggs (none), paid for them, put them in my shopping bag and cycled home. At home I put the shopping bag on the stove and took my coat off. And whether it was one of monsters being monstrous or me not having put the bag on the stove properly: it fell off! The egg box looked fine however. Until I looked inside!

One egg had a crack through the middle, but I managed to put it in a bowl. And another egg was slightly dented, so I put that one in the bowl as well. You wonder why you bother with all the checking...


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