Sunday, 4 October 2009


Watch out: planes crossing!

Since a few years the symbol for the Dutch airline KLM is a swan. Well, I didn't see them this weekend. I saw lots of other things however, all to do with the 90th birthday of the airline. Which meant that lots and lots and lots more people had been invited. And they could bring four people along! Meaning a lot of buses were needed to ferry all those lots of people from one end of the airport to the next. I got the reserve shift, meaning I had to sit and wait until I had to do something. Booooooring!

Anyway, day one started off okay, but soon deteriorated. The wind was picking up something terrible. A tent which had been erected for the stickerers (the guys who put the stickers on the buses) and for us, was in danger of blowing away, so in the end it had to be taken down! After the day was finished, we didn't have to go home, but could go to a hotel. Seven of us during dinner: I bet other diners must have been a bit annoyed, although we didn't get a complaint.

This morning we left early again, for again a reserve shift! Well, after a while we all decided (or were told to) to start driving. Again crowds and crowds of people showed up to be shown the engines, the planes themselves, the nerve center and lots more.

And now I am home again and I will go to bed early. There!

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