Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Santa is coming!

Well, of course not quite yet, but I've already watched several old and new Christmas films. And then the other day I found Lisa's Chaos. A blog, what else? Anyhow, Lisa is suggesting a Christmas Ornament Swap! Basically, you get partnered up with somebody and you have to send them a store-bought or home-made Christmas ornament! And the funnest part is: you will get one back as well! How brilliant is that???

So, if any of you out there are as Christmas mad as I am, why not go to Lisa's Chaos and follow her instructions by leaving a comment and sending her an e-mail with your snail-mail address! You never know, you might get paired up with me (although to what extent that would be a good thing I don't know...)!

Just remember to sign up before October 31st!


  1. Hellooooo, since I'm boycotting Christmas until Sinterklaas has left the country, I won't comment. But...I've left you a lovely award over at my place. You could even hang it in your tree ;-)

  2. I know, I know, but in order for me (and others) to receive the ornament on time for Christmas, just in case the mail strike in Britain spreads...

  3. I will give it some thought. I like the store bought but I'm not sure I would want a homemade one, I am really fussy!

  4. Stop it, I say. Come Nov 01, I give you permission to talk about Christmas. :)

  5. Thanx for the mention - I think you should do commercials, you sold me. :)


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