Tuesday, 6 October 2009

L is for...


Since my job means I work at the funniest hours, it also means I eat at the funniest hours. Sometimes I don't get the chance to make and take my own lunch, for example when I have been staying in a hotel for a few days or when I've run out of bread at home. If I haven't been able to make my own lunch, I have several options: go to a restaurant and have a small lunch (not always possible), don't eat (no option), go to a supermarket/petrol station and get a sandwich or get a packed lunch.

Packed lunches come in all shapes and sizes. The worst one ever looked as if they had just given me their home-made lunch (not the drinks and yoghurt): two slices of bread with jam (jelly), squashed together and stuck in aluminium foil! The best ones are usually two or three rolls (brown and white) with cheese, ham or another cold meat, a piece of fruit, a small drink, a bar of chocolate.

This was the packed lunch I got last Sunday (Open day for the 90th anniversary of KLM). The bread tasted fantastic, the desert is not in the photo anymore, it was too yummy and an orangy drink. Oh, and a small raisin bun. Well, for me it was nowhere near enough, but that was all I got!

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  1. the box looks so fun that your lunch came in.
    i want a meal in a box like that!

  2. A yummy looking lunch indeed! Fun shot!

    Have a great week!


  3. It looks like a good lunch and the box is interesting, too!

  4. I too was taken by the box the lunch came in. Odd work hours can definitely be a problem when it comes to getting a decent meal.

  5. This does look good! At least you don't have to buy your lunch from a vending machine--I always wonder just how long those sandwiches have been in the machine:)

  6. Now I need a snack! Great post and fun to think of all of your choices. Nicely done!

  7. No such thing as a free one, I'm told.

  8. Not really gourmet but a lovely box

  9. Great choice for your L. Since I live burried under a rock most of the time I had no idea you could buy packed lunches somewhere. I do know the triangular packed sandwiches (just to prove that I crawl out from under my rock now and again).
    This lunch looks good!

  10. mara where are you?

  11. A very creative L!
    I do like lunch....I plan mine every day and look forward to it!
    This one looks delicious.
    I often will buy a product just because the box is so great. This one is a great one...


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