Thursday, 22 October 2009


That'll be me in a minute. Not quite in the same bed anymore though: it's now a kingsize one. I don't stick my thumb in my mouth anymore either and the doll has long ago made room for a teddy (Brom and he wears a bikini) that's on my nightstand.

The reason I am going to bed so late (3am)? I got home from work just over an hour ago. I wanted a little snack, needed to harvest some trees (Facebook: so addictive!) and just chill out a bit. Now however, it's time to go to bed!



jay said...

My, you are late! It's usually me, rolling into bed at past 2am, but since being on holiday, I've not been in bed later than midnight once!! Often it's been something past ten!!

Do I feel more rested? Not really, but I have had more energy (even at ten thousand feet when I should be gasping) and got a lot more done!

Sleep well! :)

Pearl said...

Good night!

Honestly, I should be going to bed early, too. This change in season and all the dark weather has sucked the summer right out of me, and now I just want to yawn all day...


Carolina said...

Good morning! Or technically: Good afternoon!
Hope you slept well.

CRY said...

what is the time difference from you and me in colorado
must have been something in the air
i didnt get to sleep till after 1:00 AM and slept till 10:00 this morning
like the sweet picture of you