Wednesday, 8 December 2021


I am currently wearing this one
On Monday morning I had a phone appointment with the plastic surgeon's office to talk about how the operation went and if I had any trouble now. I told the assistant that even though the wound was doing fine and the CTS pain had disappeared, another pain had not. I thought the pain in my wrist was due to the CTS, but we are now questioning that.

Yesterday's offering
The main reason for that is that the pain was the same prior to the operation and after the anastaseia (still can't write that) had worn off, it returned the same as before. It is a pain that seems to sit on the inside knuckle of the wrist and it basically prevents me from doing a fair few things. If I don't do anything at all, it will feel fine, but after a while I can feel my wrist start to become stiffer. Not good.

A little dress, but I will only wear it with jeans
If I do something, I try to minimise certain movements as they do cause a lot of pain. Carrying a full cup of tea is out, so that is done left-handedly. Carrying something heavy is out so that is done double handedly or left hand/right arm or not at all, as the left arm is now feeling the strain on muscles as well. 

A real snuggle hoody
The two main things right now that are wrong with my right hand are the wrist (and the burning/grating sensation after a wrong move or prolonged usage) and the thumb which can only be partially used. Which of course hinders dexterity a great deal. 

A men's jumper, but it fits, so I don't care
The plan of action right now is to first get the right hand in order, so early January (first opportunity due to the holiday season), I will have a sight appointment with the plastic surgeon and possibly an x-ray as well to see what is in fact wrong. Only after the right hand is okay will we continue with the left hand. Otherwise I might be completely unhanded for several weeks.

The inspiration to this year's Christmas card
Of course this does not mean I cannot do anything. Typing and writing are easier now, albeit painful. I am glad I have written and sent all my Christmas cards! I do the dishes and have found other ways of holding stuff down to get it clean. I cut with my right hand as I am not a natural lefty and realise a bit of pain is better than cutting fingers off. Well, I think so anyway.

Preferably not in bandages though!
Other than that: the wound looks good, especially now the spider legs are gone. Still a bit sensitive to the touch, but feeling better every day. The headache (the first attack since July people, which should deserve a post all of its own) has finally subsided and yesterday morning the world was white after a light dusting of snow. 

Another recent addition
In a couple of days I will be picking my sister up from the airport and in less than three weeks it is Christmas! All in all: Yeah!!


  1. Hari OM
    Bit of a bummer the pain still persists... keeping things crossed that it subsides or can be traced and sorted for you. Loving the jumpers and yay for finally having Gera visit! YAM xx

    1. If I don't use the hand at all it is fine. The minute I start using it: trouble. It feels like someone is grating the skin off, even wearing a long sleeved something gives that impression.

  2. That wrist pain must be a pain in the neck, eh?
    I guess I shouldn't joke about your troubles.
    But sometimes, humour helps.

  3. We're sorry to hear you are still hurting and hope the doctor can figure out how to fix it. You sure have lots of festive holiday clothing.

  4. Oh darn it Mara I'm sorry about that phantom pain. I hope very much each day you see improvement.
    I love your wardrobe!! Yay for Gera's visit. How are Mom and Dad feeling
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. I'm really sorry you are having these issues. I pray that it all comes together and gets better. It will be interesting to see what an x-ray will show. I love all of you cute Christmas tops.


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