Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Tuesday's Travels 27

Did you get it? Did you know it was the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland? Of course I didn't make it too easy and showed you the view from above, but some of you weren't fooled one bit! Points go to Gera, Yamini and Fun60. 

Another view
My story? Well, when my sister first moved to Northern Ireland and me and my parents visited, this was a site we had to see. So interesting to see those large hexagonal basalt pillars in real life. The path leading off to the top in the photo is actually a 'path' leading all the way to Scotland, which is quite close. Although you would have to have pretty long legs if you were to stay dry.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.


  1. Of course I have been there when I made my tour around Ireland ! It's just breathtaking ! But I didn't walk til the top, too difficult for me !

  2. Het is "Le pont de Avignon". Bezocht in 1991 en 2001.

  3. Hari OM
    Yes! The famous bridge of the song, "sur le pont de Avignon"!!! We did visit there on our grand family tour (six in a converted van) back in the early 1970s. One of the highlights. YAM xx

  4. We have no idea where today's picture is from but are sure it is a very old place, rich in history, somewhere in Europe.

  5. No idea from me either, but it looks wonderful, love the reflections in the water, beautiful photo.

  6. That had to be wonderful to see in person. I have no clue on the new one.

  7. I have no idea where this week's photo was taken. I do love the bridge
    Hugs Cecilia


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