Thursday, 28 October 2021

Brom becomes King of the Castle


Here I am again. And this time I am going to tell you all about the day we went and saw the castle. You may remember I love seeing castles and there was one quite close to where we were staying. And it was free as well!

First though we went to Newcastle. Mara and Gera tried to find as many Newcastles in the world and realised there wasn't even one in the Netherlands. There is one in Northern Ireland though, and that's where we stopped first for a reason. When Mara had packed her suitcase, she had forgotten to take some knitting with her, so she needed something to do in the evenings. Mara and Gera knew there was a nice wool shop in town, so that was where they were headed.

After browsing and eventually buying lots of yarn and a crochet needle, they made their way back to the car so we could go see the castle. They had brought lunch with them and of course they stopped on the way to eat their sandwiches. In the mean time I was hopping up and down! Come on!!!

Anybody home?
Eventually we made it to the castle in Dundrum. Well, I say castle, it was more of a ruin. There was nothing left. But we did go on a walk around it, which was quite funny. First there was a steep hill down and at the end there was a steep hill up again. I think that it would have been very hard to attack back in the olden days. 

Finally we made it to the castle ruins themselves. I could see why they had built it there, as the view was fantastic all around. Mara took me up some steep stairs so I could see for myself. You could still see where the fire place had been and the garderobe (the toilet for regular bears). 

When we had seen everything and used the toilet for ourselves (no, not that one, a proper one), we made our way back to the car and back home. But we didn't go home, we took a detour and drove through the Mourne Mountains to see a bit more.

View towards the Mourne Mountains from the castle
Mara even recognised some bits, as she had driven a coach there. I thought she had been mad and she quite agreed, but that was her job. She was glad she was a passenger in a car now though and could take photos when she wanted or when Gera was able to stop the car in a safe place anyway.

You can see the Mourne Wall in the photo as well.
She managed to find a small parking spot from where we had a really lovely view all around. We got out and took some great photos of the area. Even of the burnt trees in the next field. That happened a few years ago when it was really hot and there were a few fires in the area. 

We drove home after that. It had been a lovely day again.


  1. Hari om
    Oh yes, that was a most interesting trip; I love that shot of you in the giant claw sculpture; the cow's head is good too; I hope you felt safe hanging out of Mara's pocket like that! The castle was well worth the steps it cost to visit it and mountains simply cannot fail to be pretty to the eye, eh?!! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Oh yes, I felt quite safe in her pocket. It was nice and deep and if there would be any rain at all, I could keep nice and dry in there.
      I just wonder why I always have to pose with dangerous things like crocodiles and crab claws...

  2. I didn't know about that Newcastle.

  3. That sounds like a great day of adventure. Our mom understands the need to have some yarn to play with in the evenings, too.

  4. My ghostwriter wishes she had travelled more. In 1976 she travelled to Germany to see relatives; and they made a road trip to Bavaria, and got to see Castle Neuschwanstein, and then the Alps. In 2015 and 2017 she and dad went to visit Jessy (sibling #3 of 4) in South Florida. A few years before that she travelled to London, UK. Since then, it's been all work, and no travels! Blah! We enjoy seeing pictures from your travels!

  5. The views are stunning. So glad you got to go there.


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