Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Tuesday's Travels 22

Yes, I had removed the words to make it a bit harder
*evil grin*
Did I finally get my point in showing you something that was not recognised by anybody? Well... no! Hilary deserves this point completely as she not only said it was (of course) Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria, but also that this statue is not situated in the UK, but in fact in Coburg in Eastern Germany. 
My story? On a trip to the Frankenwald in Germany, we visited several cities in that area, one of them Coburg. The period between war and unification had meant that not much had been done about buildings and such in East Germany and they looked grey and drab. From 1989 onwards however, things changed and buildings were renovated, repaired, rehabilitated and whatever other re... you want. Colour was reintroduced and towns and cities alike started getting their glory and pride back. 

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.


  1. Hari OM
    Ooh ooh - that's Milan Cathedral... would you believe that was on a history show I was watching only a couple of weeks back?!! (When I say travel show, it was one of the van life tubular channels I have been surfing an that lucky couple were all over Italy... just tried to find my way back to it, but no luck... if I do rediscover it I'll come back and paste it!)
    YAM xx

    1. ...try as I may, that film I originally watched will not return to my screen - but ther are others and as Hilay has now told you, there is the lovely vid of Andrea B which I now provide... Yxx

  2. When I first visited the Eastern countries I was so surprised ! Everything was so clean and colorful and well entertained and I found that they are far ahead now of us in the western world ! They raise we fall ! Even modern technology was there in all medium or big cities your had free WIFI and you could pay with your bank card everywhere even on a market !!

  3. We have no idea where that is but we can tell it is a grand church of some kind.

  4. Thank you for the point and very devious of you to remove the text from below the statue!!

    I recognise the building, like Yamini from YouTube. It is the Milan Cathedral and I remember watching a concert by Andrea Bocelli from there, it was broadcast live on YouTube at Easter last year. The most moving part is when he sings Amazing Grace, it’s the last one, and they put clips of Paris, London and New York in it showing the empty streets at the time.

    It is only 25 mins long, but I am afraid I don’t know how to put a link to it on here, but if interested you can Google it.

    I have at last finished reading all your past Tuesday’s Travels and the comments too. You and lots of your readers are well travelled people and I have really enjoyed reading them all.


  5. I don't believe I have been to that church but it is absolutely beautiful.

  6. Unfamiliar with last week's and this week's challenge. klem


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