Monday, 20 September 2021

Things to do

The pulpit walk
When I first moved to Norway, I had decided that for the first year at least, I would say yes. Party invite? Yes. Union meeting invite? Yes. Going for a walk up a mountain? Yes. I did them all and yes, there were some experiences I would not like to repeat any time soon. Mainly the 'walk' 'down' a mountain, which turned into a proper 20 km hike up and down and took all my reserves and then some.

However, most of the experiences were good ones and showed me what life in Norway was all about. It also showed Norwegians that I was willing to learn and led to more invites and friends along the way. 

Moving back to the Netherlands, the first thing I had to establish was a life. Well, sanity was the first one, job second and then life. Which was then promptly put on hold by this little bug. However, things are now starting to look up, what with my own place and a job and that. 

Aurlandsdalen walk
Which has led me to say yes. The other day I got an invite by the union for an event in Rotterdam. 'The Unmissables'. Basically all those jobs that are lowest profile, yet without them any country would stop in its tracks. From cleaners to plumbers to bricklayers to bus drivers. As I have the day off I said okay. Why not?

Then I got an invite by a charity I support: their annual meeting was taking place soon, would I like to attend? Well, yes, but no. I do have that day off, however, I will be in Northern Ireland then, visiting my sister, which I am really excited about.

Another union invitation arrived. Their annual meeting, would I...? Yes. As I have don't have to work then, I might as well. Then I saw a general invitation (local bill boards) about an opera choir having an open rehearsal. My singing skills are more Madonna than Whitney, but I would love to go. Until I realised it was on the same day I was heading to Rotterdam. Ah well, another time.

My first Christmas party in Norway
I will be saying yes a bit more from now on. Try to get out there a bit more. Meet some people, get some more friends, because even though I have lots of friends, about 99% are living abroad, making it hard to meet up for cake.


  1. Hari Om
    It's a plan - and a good one!!! YAM xx

  2. Things are opening up there. I am still tentative.

  3. We hope you have fun on your outings and stay safe too.

  4. Good for you for getting out and about! Have fun!

  5. Yes! That is a great word for you. Have fun and enjoy your new life. Klem


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