Friday, 19 July 2019

A little update

In the neighbourhood
Miss Oswin has told you about her encounter with the plastic, she didn't tell you however about how she lost her appetite. It started already before she got her first medication. Normally she would eat a lot of her dry food during the day, leaving only a nominal amount (or nothing) to last through the night. Last Monday, she ate a nominal amount and left the rest!

They are everywhere in the area right now
Which basically means that whenever she eats now, she is complimented and praised. Not sure how much that works in cats, but she is still eating, albeit less than normal. Not even her normal treats are in favour at the moment. It will come again. 

Still in the neighbourhood
However, another thing that she did a lot (lick her belly) has disappeared completely. The painkillers/anti inflammatory drugs seem to help in that respect. She gets it by syringe and after her meds, she gets another syringe full of water. She doesn't like it much, but she seems to be okay with it. Other than that, she is her bright self, alert and happy enough I guess.

Not too sure about those
But that is not all that has happened. I finally got paid again. I get paid weekly and for the past few weeks that didn't happen. They had changed the system at work again and the people responsible to log the hours and send it off to the temping agency were swamped basically. But I finally got some money again, which was good, especially as it was a nice high amount!

In the National Park not far from where I live
I have had a headache now for quite some time and the pilates thing is not happening just yet. What with holidays and such, I felt it would be easier to wait a few weeks and then get started. In the mean time I have started to walk though and even before Yamini mentioned it, I had started using a great site that maps my walks. Literally! 

I have to get back there in the autumn
It shows me exactly where I have walked, all squiggly lines and all. After posting my first walk, I got some reactions, which was totally unexpected, but very welcome. People telling me to keep it up, but don't overdo it. Stuff like that. They really stuck a heart under my belt. 

Mmmm, real blueberries!
Another thing I wanted to get done was a visit to the gynaecologist. Ever since my operation four and a half years ago I have been taking medication (the pill), but have never had a check-up. I just want to know whether everything is still okay and as it should be, or that more action is needed. 

See, real blueberries on my face too!
Of course it is the summer time and they are completely booked through July and August. So, I have to call back in a few weeks' time to make an appointment as the new schedule for them doesn't come until early August. 

Other than that, everything is going okay I guess. I am going places (sort of anyway).


  1. It looks as though it might have been a hot walk. We are having a very hot day here.

  2. Mara and Miss Oswin...I'm sending lots of purrs and prayers that you both are feeling tip top lickety split. Miss O I send praises and kudos to you for each time you eat also
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Good to hear things are improving, albeit slowly. Keep up the good work with your walks.

    1. I am trying to. It's good fun to see my neighbourhood as well. I never did growing up!

  4. Sorry about your headache. The walk app sounds like fun and it will help keep you motivated. Good idea to get that check-up. Hope all is well with that. Actually my daughter had recently gotten on the pill and had to stop. She got terrible headaches. Glad Miss Oswin is doing better.

  5. Hari OM
    Ahh, there, even as I read when you mentioned The Pill (which I don't recall hearing about before) and then Debby's comment above... something to discuss when you get that appointment!!! Glad the walking app is already giving you a boost - and yummmmmmm blueberries!!! That pathway looks inviting. Sending my POTP to you and Miss O too. YAM xx

    1. I have been taking the Pill since the operation. I have had the headaches since I started working as a busdriver (twenty years this year). Not related! Besides, I need the pill to prevent another operation.


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