Friday, 30 May 2014

Twenty five IV

2009: mozzarella farm in Italy
Change career or not, that was the big question yesterday. And I decided that yes, if changing my career would get me to Canada, I would give it a go. Once I had been established in Canada and was allowed to stay, I could go back to the best job in the world. So, I saved and saved and then booked a holiday to Canada. Seeing it beforehand, would be nice as well.

2010: making a snowman in Germany
In 2011 I touched down in Canada. I spent a few days with my new Canadian friend Kay and her dog Lindy exploring the Rockies (ok) and the Badlands (love at first sight) during my first week. The second week would be spent trying to find myself a job. I drove to so many hotels, near and far, dropped off countless resumés, spoke to several managers and left Canada feeling quite hopefull. The hope didn't last long.

2011: Badlands, Canada
After returning home nothing was heard. At all. I sent out more applications and resumés, but all hotels could get cheaper younger people who were living in the country already, so why get a 40+ person who wasn't even allowed to work in Canada yet. I had tried and I had failed. On to plan B.

2012: Stortinget, Oslo, Norway
Plan B had always been Norway. The downside of Canada had been work. There was plenty of that to be had in Norway. The upside of Canada had been the language, I speak both English and French. In Norway they spoke Norwegian. Which I didn't! A language course was in order. I learnt the language, went on holiday, got a job offer (which I declined), kept learning the language, went on holiday again, had an interview and a few months later I moved. 

2013: on top of Preachers Pulpit, Norway
It has been a year and a half since I moved to Norway. Another in a long line of jobs and countries since my graduation 25 years ago. Do I remember what I learned in school? Well, if it has to do with difficult math or chemistry: no, not so much. But, the languages I learnt in school (English and German) did come in handy. Over the years however, I have learnt a lot: the mundane things like learning a new language (French and Norwegian), cooking for myself and dealing with strange paperwork. But the most important thing that I learnt: stand up for myself and don't be afraid to try new things. 

Twenty five years ago I was 17 turning on 18. I was shy and quiet around people I didn't know. I am 42 going on 3 now. And even though some of that shyness still persists, to say I am quiet would be lie! I like who I was twenty five years ago. I love who I am now. 


  1. Hari OM
    ...and that is a very good thing! It's been fun getting this 'nutshell' autobiography Mara - thanks for sharing it!! YAM xx

  2. Have so enjoyed your series on the making of Mara! And there are so many interesting facets of Mara for all your audience to enjoy!

  3. Shyness is not a character flaw although it needs to be dealt with as it can hinder us. It's just the way that some of us are made.

  4. I very well remember your effort to get a job in Canada ! Now looking back I think you did a better choice with Norway !

  5. I love who you are now, too. So does Lindy. And I haven't asked Dick, but I do know he likes you.

  6. It was a pleasure following you on your journey and can't wait to see what the future hold for you.

  7. You had lots of adventures, I enjoyed reading about your journey.


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