Saturday, 17 May 2014

Row row row!

This year's team in perfect unison
As you may remember, last year I was the cox in a rowing boat on May 17th, Constitution Day in Norway. We had trouble with some buoy and lost a fair bit of time. In the end we came in second. Which out of five and it being our first time ever, was quite good!

But, being quite good is not good enough of course. So, this year we decided to enter once again. One person had left Haugesund, one person was recovering from surgery and one person decided it would be nicer to have a bit of time to oneself. We had to find three new ones! Which we did. Plus some spares, just in case! And we trained and we trained and we trained. But never in the team that was due to race. Always with a spare substituting someone or other and never with a full boat. 

On Thursday however, we finally managed it. After a week of training, we finally got everybody in the boat that was due to race. We practiced starting, we practiced turning. We rowed. Well, they rowed and I steered the boat. 

The cups
Last year's time was 6'23. This year's time was (drumroll please) 6'02. No buoy trouble, no unbuttoning of shirts half way through, just plain old go go go, or row row row! Would our time be good enough however, after all, last year's winner clocked 5'41. 

Well, last year's winner either wasn't there or rowed slower than we did, because (another drumroll please) we came in first!! We got to bring home the big cup!! Yeah us!!!


  1. OMG I am so excited for you.....way to go!
    First Place is awesome!

  2. Hari OM
    That is brilliant, I tip my oar to you!!! I used to row at school and then did some solo casual stuff in OZ, but not for many years now. I love it. Well done again... YAM xx

    1. We saw the other mixed teams and realised quite early on we had won, but we did want the official verdict, which made it real.

  3. Yay! Congrats!


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