Friday, 16 May 2014

Got the t-shirt

You may remember that I was quite busy last weekend. I was going to the Norwegian Military Tattoo, I was hoping to see the Eurovision Song Contest and I was going to pick up Oswin. Well, I have told you about Eurovision and I showed you the first photos of Oswin. However, I haven't yet mentioned the Tattoo. 

It's all in the bricks!
The Tattoo was to take place in the Oslo Spektrum. Like most purpose built concert places of later years, it was quite a boring brick place. Or so it seemed at first glance because in fact the brick was artwork and covered in artwork. And since I was early, I walked around the whole place taking plenty of photos. Especially since I wasn't allowed to take photos inside. Nor did I really want to, I just wanted to enjoy the experience. 

Anyway, we finally made our way inside, I got (well bought really) the t-shirt and then I had to find my place. Which, once I was in it, I was sure was the wrong spot and very soon somebody would come and chase me away. I was in the fourth row, on the corner and had a fantastic view over the whole place! But nobody came to chase me away and I realised I had picked this fantastic spot myself!

There were military bands from several different countries; Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia and Japan. And of course Norway itself showed with both a 'normal' band and a band and drill team. Then there was an American drill team and an Estonian gymnastics troupe. Now, the photo in the program I had received showed a large drill team, but on the day, only four were on stage. Plus a skinny woman in boots standing in the middle. I thought it was a bit disappointing, especially since I had been expecting so much! 

The Estonian gymnastics troupe was something that I knew was going to be disappointing, but I could not have been more wrong. They were brilliant. No wonder they had been asked back! Brilliant. Really they were. Brilliant. I hope to see them again. 

But of course the music is the main event and that didn't disappoint. I loved the Japanese and their singer. The Dutch showed a collection of photos from our former queen: Princess Beatrix as she is now known. From birth to now. Plus some good music of course. My favourite of the afternoon however, must have been 'His Majesty the King's Guard Band and Drill Team'. Great music, great drill team. And a large drill team at that. Loved it. 

The gold and blue with the large bear hats.
That's the Royal Netherlands Army Military Band 'Johan Willem Friso'
The finale was good as well. By an enormous stroke of luck, the Dutch band was standing directly in front of me. I couldn't not take a photo (or two or three), so I did. After the show I went into the lobby. I wanted to get one of the cd's the Dutch were selling, but unfortunately they only took cash, I only had a card! In the end though, telling them about me having been a driver for them (which is true), I got the cd completely free. I was a very blessed woman!


  1. Good for you ! I am back from rainy Normandy !

  2. Hari OM
    Way to go on the CD - I enjoy tattoos also and this looks to have been worth the visit. Glad you had such a fun time!! YAM xx

    1. I had been to one before, courtesy of the Dutch band I used to drive on occasion. But I had seen plenty on television, since both my parents love tattoos.

  3. Glad you had fun and have both a T-shirt and a CD.

  4. Good for you on the free CD. Sounds like it was a lot of fun and that brick work is amazing....I love it!

  5. What fun! Thanks so for sharing the tattoo event in words and one sneaky picture. And aren't you something to pick just the right spot!


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