Friday, 23 May 2014

In a jam

Do you remember the plum jam I made last year? If not, you might want to (re)read this post. The thing is though, I don't eat a lot of jam. Never have. And even though my own plum jam is of course the yummiest, I still don't eat a lot of it. Which leaves me with a lot of jam still in the basement. Now, that wouldn't be such a big problem, it will keep for a while yet, but the plum trees have already flowered again. And pretty soon there will be fresh plums again. Plenty of them. So, plenty more jam!

Mixing the batter
In the foreground you can see some of the waffles
As I was lamenting this fact a week or so ago, a colleague of mine had a brilliant idea: why not make waffles at work and have them put the plum jam on it! Well, today I had a split shift, I got the ingredients, mixed the lot, put it in the waffle iron and a few minutes later the first customers colleagues were out and about and eating my waffles with home-made plum jam!

One pot is empty now, another half empty and yet another pot is promised to a colleague, who will pay me with a hug. 

Yoghurt with plum jam is good as well I have heard...


  1. Hari OM
    yum!!! Yes I mix jams into plain curd - it is much better than buying pre-flavoured curds!!! YAM xx

  2. I love plum jam. Maybe you could set up a little table and sell it at the curb side or perhaps you don't get enough traffic. That is a wonderful banner photograph of you. Really a prize winner and your hair cut is still dazzling!

  3. What a great idea and I bet it would be awesome with yogurt!


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