Monday, 26 May 2014

Talking cat

Jeg må på do!
Books are bad for you. Especially if you haven't got a clock that will tell you exactly how long you have been reading. Which in my case turned out not to be just one chapter, but about five (or six or seven, I lost count) and instead of it being only 11pm, it was an hour and a half later!

Needless to say therefore, that I had some severe difficulties only a few hours later when I was due to get up and go to work. Very severe! But I did wake up. And got out to the hallway. Where Oswin sat and told me (in Norwegian if you please, despite me only talking Dutch to her) that she needed potty. Upon which I told her to go of course! 

Then I noticed the laundry. Hanging over the drying rack and the radiator. When I got downstairs, Oswin was eating plasticy thingies of the Christmas tree that she had found in the basement (she told me) and taken up to the living room. When I got back upstairs (I needed stuff), the baby was talking to me. 

I woke up properly after that. But I do think I don't need to tell you it was not the best of starts today!


  1. Kittens are wonderful, adorable creatures, but they are not adult cats. Not yet. Kittens find Christmas things, and eat them. No one can hide such things from kittens.
    I know you and Oswin will find peace and contentment in your relationship, but not for a while yet. Be prepared. Look up kittens on Google.
    Poor Mara. I know what's like to go to work after a sleepless night. Did it for years.
    Luv, K

  2. Hari Om
    O(h) M(y) C(at(), i had a morning like that too. Only it was the stuffies who were talking to me. Sad. Very very sad... YAM xx

    1. At work I was threatened with men in white coats!

  3. So fun to learn each other's personalities!

  4. All signs that Oswin starts to feel at home ! She is a really beautiful cat !

  5. I have a feeling Oswin would get along beautifully with two little girls I know!

  6. So were you dreaming about the potty and the Christmas stuff???


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