Friday, 2 May 2014

Being obese

I think the only part of my health that isn't directly related to being obese is me slowly turning grey. Everything else is in some smaller or bigger part because of my being on the chubby side. And I know I have to loose weight. I know I have to excercise more. I know. I really really do. Honestly. But I am a lazy dame and I love my food. Like strawberry cheesecake ice cream. 

And then one day I got a line of pain in my right leg. A line. Going from just above the knee to just under the hip. It hurt. But wasn't something I was too bothered by it. Thinking it was a strained muscle or some such. Take a paracetamol and get on with life really. It came back again after a few days. And again a few days after that. 

Last week at my sister's it came back again. This time at night. In bed. Making it impossible for me to get back to sleep. So I got up. Very very early. The rest of the week went fine. Nooo problem. I came back home, got a severe cold, went to work, everything was fine. Until early Wednesday morning. When I woke up with a screaming throbbing pain in my leg. The line was back. And it hurt and hurt and hurt. I took a walk at 3.50am, just to get some relief.

I wanted to see my gp that day, but I can only do one thing at the time and on Wednesday it was work. Since yesterday was a free day, it had to be today. When I called however, my gp was fully booked. Whatever, is there another one that has some time free?? Fortunately there was. He called me in on time, asked me questions, touched my right leg, touched my left leg, touched my right leg again. And then he said he thought it was some muscle thing. When I was walking and straining and driving, the muscles would be at work so to say. But when I relaxed, so did the muscles and it wasn't good. 

Well, I have my paracetamol with codeine right now. Only allowed to use it at night, since they are incompatable with driving or using heavy machinery. Hopefully they work. And in the mean time: less of the strawberry cheesecake ice cream and more of the salads. Less of the sitting on the sofa and more of the walking around (although not necessarily at 3.50am). 

I will start tomorrow. Because I am almost asleep right now!! After all, I have at this moment been awake for nearly 18 hours!


  1. Hari Om
    Not sciatica then... - did GP even check for that? Either way. Not nice. Wishing luck with the no cheesecake thingo. I gave up on the 'no'. Sigh. YAM xx

    1. Not sciatica. He didn't check, but after looking it up, I understand why not. My symptoms don't have anything in common with sciatica. Well, apart from the fact that both hurt.

  2. I'm obese too and I am working very hard at eating well and doing some daily exercise although I have COPD so I can only do a little bit of exercise. I actually wrote a post about my weight that is coming up. So sorry about the muscle but that codeine is some good stuff, it will knock you out.

  3. Oh Mara, I tried on some shirts in a clothing store today, and the fat guy staring back at me made me very depressed.

    As for your leg, I worry that it's a little more than that, but you could try some stretches before bedtime.

  4. That's the problem when you are overweight, the knees one day go on strike and don't want to carry all this weight anymore ! There are 4 women in my painting course who suffer the same. One followed weight-watchers and lost 27 kgs ! Unbelievable ! And she didn't suffer from hunger. The knee ache is gone ! And she started Yoga gym. I am still with my apples ! Fortunately I am not a person to put on weight, I only had some problems in my menopause, now I am back to normal again which means 66 kg for 1.72 m. It's only up to you when you will start, it's just like to stop smoking !


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