Friday, 15 November 2013


Remember when I lived back in the Netherlands? Where work was diverse. School trips and drunken people, day trips and weeks to Italy and Ireland (not the same trips), public transport and army transport. I usually found out about what I had to do about four days prior. Which was fine. It kept life interesting. 

I moved to Norway. Got a job as a public transport busdriver. And got a work sheet. Six weeks on a loop. So, I knew what I had to do months in advance. Could make plans. Brilliant. Only 35,5 hours a week because I worked evenings and weekends as well. But things were about to change.

Today I got my new work sheet. Only temporary, but it looks like I might like it. I only work during the day, the latest I finish is once at 7.30pm! I only work two Saturdays and one Sunday. Granted, I have to work 37,5 hours, but who cares? 

There is one other worksheet that looks great: five weeks of work and one week off. But for that to happen, you have to work more Saturdays and Sundays and nights! Until like 4am and stuff! Honestly? No!

So, starting December 2nd (which I now have to take off, in the new system, I work earlies and not lates), a new worksheet!


  1. You must miss the variety a bit, but there's something to be said for stability.

  2. Routine is good and allows for planning your leisure:-)


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