Friday, 22 November 2013


Well, it's time again: the year is running on its last legs and soon it will be 2014. And a new year means a new calendar! Which as always I will be making!!

This year it will be a joined English/Norwegian affair, so you will see exactly when Mother's Day is in Norway, albeit not in any other country. And as a first, I've decided to put in one very special day. Well, it's special to me anyway. 

So, do you want to get hold of this lovely desk-top calendar? Simple: the only thing you have to do is leave a comment and telling me all about your favourite colour. I will then randomly pick out two comments (I will toss all names in a hat and pick two) and those two lucky people will receive a calendar each. 

Now, the deadline for this give-away is November 30th, midnight (Norwegian time). Good luck everyone!!


  1. That's nice that you make calenders. I don't use them anymore. I have a calender in "works" and the appointments just jump on my screen when I switch on my computer.

  2. I would love another one of your calendars, I loved the one I won and I still have it. My favorite color is yellow!

  3. I would love one of your calendars. My favorite color is green because there are so many different shades of green-- such as sea green, apple green, grass green, olive green, spring green,spruce green, green ochre,moss green, lime green, chartreuse, sage green etc., etc. My favorite color to go with green is apricot or peach in home decorating, but to wear, I like to have a combination of green shades.

  4. Just like Debby, I loved the calendar I won! So I feel guilty for wanting it again. Someone else should have a chance to win...but I'll enter anyway! My favorite color is green! But only certain shades of green. I don't like the olive shades.

  5. Hari OM
    Well I'm glad I was able to check in to blog reading again today after a few days... what a lovely idea this is Mara and I would be delighted to be included in your lucky hat draw.

    My favourite colour? Truth is RAINBOW - but if pushed it has to be yellow-orange spectrum. If I look back even to childhood, the things I remember most and anything that I have retained (rather than trashed) it is items in that colour range...Come to think of it, my home tends to get decorated in that range also. Autumnal. Even though I'm a Northern Spring baby.

    So when I discovered that in Hinduism the yellow is for the rising sun and the robes worn by acolytes and the orange is for sunset and for the sages/gurus it made a great deal of sense to me. In the rising morning we are full of hope and expectation. At the end of the day we can breathe deeply and settle into peace...

    Hugs, YAM xx


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