Sunday, 24 November 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-29

A few Sundays ago I was looking for a photo to use for Photo on Sunday, when I saw this view. It's the view from where I sit at the computer and I knew it was going to end up on Photo on Sunday that day. 

Well, it didn't, nor did the photo I took only half an hour later! Because I was too busy doing other things, I forgot about both photos. Until I was looking for this week's Photo on Sunday and came across them again. 

If you look closely at especially the second photo, you can see the rough sea behind the houses and beyond that an island. It was a blustery day that day!!


  1. I love these pictures and your view is amazing!

  2. Wonderful view!!! Some day we wish to visit that area of the world as my husband's maternal family roots are from that part of the world.


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