Tuesday 19 November 2013

Can I?

As you know I have this wood burning stove. It keeps my living room warm and the top of it has been used several times to dry towels and clothes. But could I use it to cook something? After all, it has this grill type thing I can lift and underneath is like a hotplate. Only one way to find out: try it! 

So, today I decided I wanted rice pudding. I had plenty of milk, plenty of rice and plenty of time. And by golly, did it need time! First I boiled the water on the proper stove, then I added the rice and took the pan off the stove and put it on my burner. Ten minutes later the water had been absorbed and I added the milk. A couple of hours later (!) I had my rice pudding. 

It tasted good, especially with the sugar and cinnamon and raisins I added. But if I want something in a hurry, I had better stick to the proper stove!


  1. Hari Om
    Hey Mara - been catching up on the posts as comms probs have deteriorated into computer trubs... Loved this post especially. It reminds me of granny cooking on the 'Aga' wood burner stoves. Yes it takes long, but the idea was to put lunch on in the morning (like stew or soup) and come home to it being ready without have had to be stirred. Slow cooking is often the tastiest!!

    As for rice pudding... Can I visit you some day????? YAM xx

  2. Your place has nice floors.

    We just had our first rice pudding of the colder season.

  3. Sounds yummy and I'm glad you tried it on the stove!


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