Wednesday, 6 November 2013

And I was doing so well...

The police vehicle I hit a few years back in London
I am quite good at filling out the European Insurance Reports. I should be, I have had days where I had to fill out three! In two different countries as well!! But I had thought I had left all those forms behind me. No more 'who is to blame', 'how wide is the road', 'what was the weather'? No more drawings that look nothing like the real thing. 

Until last Friday that is. When the driver of a car parked her car smack bang in a mountain. At right angles to the road. I asked her whether it was a new way of parking, she just answered 'a crash'. As if I didn't see that. I didn't see the accident happen. I only saw the car at right angles to the road. And the turn I had just come out of with my bus. I thought I had cleared everything. Turns out: not so much. A large 8 meter (out of the 12) long stripe all along the side of the bus. 

When I came back to the office and filled out an insurance form, another driver was doing the same. Same spot, nearly identical damage. He thought my drawing was fantastic. He thought I was fast filling out the form. And me?

I just thought: darn it (see how clean my mind is, ahem). Again no damage-free year! 


  1. The way I read it, you didn't help the woman to park her car smack dab into a mountain, she did it on her own, is that correct? So, the scratch on your bus was obtained as you drove around her? Or it wasn't related at all?
    Sorry about your year, though. I hate when that happens.
    Luv, K

  2. Hari Om
    Arey bubbrey - this is where Hindi comes in useful!! Seriously though, did the woman not have some of those warning triangles in her boot to alert oncoming drivers??!! Tsk.

    No. I don't you should be carrying the 'weight' on yourself for this one. YAM xx

  3. When you are driving as much as you do, accidents are much more likely.

  4. So sorry :( Like Anvilcloud said your chances are higher than most. Glad everyone is okay, that's what is important.

  5. That's not your fault if the lady takes mountains as an ideal parking space !


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