Thursday 7 November 2013


Unshredded curly kale. Who'd a thunk it?
Before even attempting to make the 'boerenkool met worst', I had to do the dishes. Which I did. Gladly this time!! Then I got the potatoes out, peeled them (with some difficulty, not nice taters at all) and put them in the pan. I got the curly kale out and quickly realised it wasn't like the Netherlands. There were stalks and all! But, I got to work, removed the stalks and shredded the kale. Put it in a different pan. Then the sausages. Not like in the Netherlands, but I had found some German ones that looked quite nice. 

Nam nam
Well, it almost went wrong in the end! Almost, because when the alarm sounded, the potatoes were already dry. Who ever thought 25 minutes to boil potatoes was good. Weird Norwegians!! Anyway, I mashed the potatoes with some butter and milk (forgot the pepper, I was in a hurry you know), took the sausages off the kale and then strained the kale. And then the best part: mixing the mash and the kale. 

I took a plate out, heaped it with kale 'n' mash, made a hole in the middle for the gravy, added a little mustard and of course some sausages (they were small after all). 

It didn't last long. Perhaps all of two minutes?
I wanted to savour it, enjoy it, make it last a long time. I didn't. Make it last that is, because I did so enjoy it! I gobbled it up like somebody without manners and before I knew it my plate was empty. I resisted the urge to lick the plate though. My parents did teach me some manners after all!

Tomorrow however, I will savour and enjoy and eat slowly. Because, the portions might have been small, but there were two! I can't wait!!


  1. Maybe it's an acquired taste, or at least an acquired appearance.

  2. Looks delicious and the Kale in the potatoes sounds yummy. My grandmother would put sauerkraut in her mashed potatoes and it was heavenly.

  3. Hari OM
    ..drooling this side... though mine would have to be tofu snags! YAM xx

  4. Just like Debby's grandma, I put sauerkraut in my mashed potatoes! But kale looks so good...I'll have to try it! Here in the US, I would have to remove the stalks from the kale, too. I don't buy it very often! So you cooked the sausages on top of the kale? Tell me how you did that! With some water in the pan, too?


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