Thursday, 24 October 2013

The book

A few posts ago (about school and money and things) I was given a suggestion: write a book and recoup some of my losses. Sound advice of course. Especially since I have always wanted to write a book. 

But the question is: what would I write about? Should it be fact or fiction or a mixture of both? Should I write about all my adventures in foreign and not so foreign lands? Should I write about the inner workings of the cow that swam the Atlantic? Should I write about... 

And who would read it? Of course my parents will get a copy, because they are proud of their dearest oldest daughter. My two siblings might do so too. And some friends. Blog friends. And then who? Because only selling about ten books would not make me recoup any loss at all. 

Any ideas anybody? 

On the update side of finances: I don't have to take the course this year and will not have to pay the second installment. However, I won't be refunded the first installment and it will serve as a downpayment for next year's course. I can manage that!


  1. Getting published is not easy. You can't just write a book and have the world flock to your door. Unless you can do something like 50 Shades. :)

  2. Hari OM
    Most Bloggers have a book inside them - as Anvilcloud has pointed out so succinctly though, majority are not of the sort that most want to buy; and the sad state of readership at the moment suggests that is semi-porn.

    Not my style and I strongly suspect not yours. Unless of course that Atlantic-swimming cow has something to offer that was not revealed in this post!!!!

    ...yes, you've planted a seed of intrigue with that one! YAM xx

  3. Wow, writing a book is a huge project. I find it hard enough to write my posts. Wishing you luck.
    Glad the money stuff is working out.


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