Saturday, 12 October 2013


You could be forgiven in thinking I am not blogging anymore. Even though I have had a post appearing every day during the last week, they were all pre-posted! But, I am. Stil blogging that is. I just had so many Sweden posts that I didn't write about anything else. 

Mind you, there is not much to write about. It is holiday time this week (autumn break) which means no school transport. Which I found out on Tuesday when I arrived at work and realised I was a full two hours early!! Hm... All the other driving was quite uneventful. Well, apart from the scenery that is. 

Take away clouds, add mountains, colour the trees in red and orange and yellow,
put some more bends in the road and make it narrower. That's how it looked like here yesterday!
Because not only is it autumn in Sweden, it is also autumn in Norway. And where the first few days back at work were filled with rain, from Thursday the clouds moved away, the temperatures dropped and the scenery is a painting of reds and yellows and still greens. Add to that bright blue skies and it makes for a beautiful painting! Taking photos while driving is highly discouraged though, so no images of what I see while driving, but take it from me: stunning. 

I actually thought about it not so long ago. Why I prefer to do in reality a fairly boring job, especially compared to what I had before. After all, I could have done that in the Netherlands. I wouldn't have had to move, needed to learn a new language, had to make new friends and a new life. And then I look at the scenery over here and know I made the right choice. Hills and mountains with the sun coming up over them. Sheep in the road (it adds to the beauty you know). The view over the sea every single day. 

Yes, the temperatures are dropping. Yes, the daylight is becoming less every day. And yes, it is expensive (especially if you just went on holiday to Sweden). But, yes, I love it. All of it. 

And having a sister who asks if I would like her to come over for a weekend? Makes it even more perfect!

All photos taken in Sweden


  1. Have a wonderful time with your sister. The colors sound lovely and having gorgeous scenery to look at is a blessing. Is that a snail, ours are brown over here?

  2. Hari Om
    G'day from OZ (landed after a traumatic trip - keep an eye out on the MENO posts!) and I loved to find your entry today; a deep and meaningful, lightly done. Especially by observing the photographic restriction!! Happy Autumn. YAM xx


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