Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Remember the post about Eurovision I wrote a short while ago? No? Well, here is a link to it, so you can reread it. 

Anyway, yesterday a Polish colleague told me he had looked in two different shops over the weekend (he was in Poland obviously), but had failed to find a flag. He will however be going back to Poland soon and will have a look in some other shops. So, basically the Polish flag is in the bag. 

This morning I got a package in the mail. Containing a flag. Unfortunately an elephant must have sat on it, because the little stick was broken, but a bit of duct tape will soon mend that. 

And before anybody asks: no the United States of America do no enter the Eurovision Song Contest. But a flag is a flag is a flag and I can always wave it about when I don't have the flag of the country I should be having a flag of. (does that still make sense?)

Thank you Debby!


  1. I wonder why you are collecting flags ?? I am back into the rain and cold weather, but I had wonderful holidays !

  2. Hari OM
    ...you could always knit one...


    YAM xx

  3. Oh, I should have know Debby would send you a flag! She is so sweet.

  4. Your very welcome....I'm so sorry the stick broke :(


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