Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I already posted this on Facebook, but I thought I would post it here as well. You never know, it might help!

Anyway, as you are undoubtably aware of, I love the Eurovision Song Contest. Don't talk to me about the Eastern block sticking together, so does the Western block. And the songs? Of course they are awful, but there are some really nice ones out there too! The costumes they wear? Brilliant! Wouldn't want to wear them myself really, but then again, I am not a singer performing for the ESC!

As I love the ESC, I thought it would be really nice if I were to be able to join in a bit more. Not just by watching television, but by waving the flags. But for that I need flags. And right now I haven't got any have only two. Norway and Sweden. But since there are a lot of other countries out there that join in too... 

So, can anybody help me? Do you have or can you get hold of a flag? About 20x30cm, attached to a little stick? Usually found in souvenir shops? And would you be willing to send it to little old me here in Norway? If so, why not send me an email? My email address is on my Me-page (next to the Home-tab).

The video above is not one of my favourite songs, however it talks of flying the flag! 

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  1. What a motivating song! I'll see what I can find when I go out tomorrow and will get back to you.


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