Saturday 26 October 2013


Perfecting the art of being lazy. Although it's not hard for them.
At all!!!
I am going to do the lazy thing in my post for today. I am lazy today anyway, just hanging around and doing a bit of internetting, reading, knitting. But the lazy thing for my post today is quite simple. I have noticed several new commenters (welcome by the way) and they and you long-time followers might actually want to know a bit more about yours truly!

So, instead of me telling what I did today (not much and not likely too either), I am asking you: what would you like to know about me? Chances are I've written about it already, but in that case I will put up a link to the corresponding post. And in case I haven't written about it yet, I will do! 

Do your best! Or worst for that matter. 

On an other subject (sort of). I tend not to reply to comments made on my blog on my blog. I prefer to do so by email. That way I am able to give a few more details without the whole world knowing. However, several of you have a no-reply address, which means that questions go unanswered. So, if you want to be answered, please change the settings on your whateveryacallit to include a working email address. I promise never to use it for anything other than answering comments and very very very occasionally send an ordinary email. No spam-like things and no 'funny' emails, since I don't like to get those either!

So, lazy? Perhaps a tad!


  1. People are oddly sensitive about allowing email. It doesn't make a lot of sense in a communicative environment. Mind you, I once did this back in the early days before I figured things out.

  2. Hello Mara, I will tick the e-mail follow up thingy and see how it goes. I am loving The hundred Year old man who climed out the window. I was at the hairdresses today and while waiting for the colour to set or whatever it does I was reading it and found myself laughing out loud at his adventrues. I can under stand Anvilclouds comment about not using e-mails, but I sometimes think it is nice to have a chat without the whole world seeing it too. Hilary

  3. Hari OM
    I really enjoyed your recent posts about your life and the email responses are good too... You're doing it your way which is just fine!!

    ..and this is not a lazy post - it is just "prepping" for getting busy &*>

    YAM xx

  4. I do the same as you, I never reply on my blog ! I hate when people do that, because I never go to a post twice, I would spent 24 h on the net ! I also answer per email and those who don't want to give their emails and ask questions they remain without answer !

  5. So I have a question for you, but it's really about me; when I reply to your comments on my blog, do you get it in your email? I had to switch commenting systems and am not sure.


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