Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sweden is really beautiful!

Our massive plane! Ahem...
I had been to Sweden once before. Two years ago the World Jamboree (scouting) was held near Kristianstad in the South East of Sweden and me and 24 other Dutch buses made our way over the Bridge from Denmark to Sweden to drop our scouts of and pick them up again a week later. I loved the countryside and it was actually the first time I wondered whether I was making the right move in moving to Canada (which was still my goal at that time). Because it was so beautiful there and I guessed (correctly) that Norway would be equally and more beautiful. 

Well, it's a bus wouldn't you know!
So, when I was invited to come to Sweden with my new-found Norwegian friends, I said yes. Even though it would be a stretch financially. Once in a while you have to be a bit reckless after all! I allocated an amount I could spend according to the other expenditures coming up and on September 25th the five of us flew to Kopenhagen. Which is in Denmark. From there we took a train to Malmö (Sweden), another train to Simrishamn and then the last bus to Kivik. 

Church in Simrishamn
Thursday was a bit of a lazy day. Exploring the small village of Kivik, getting the first round of shopping in, seeing some of the many apples. Friday we headed back by bus to Simrishamn to do more shopping and in my case also sightseeing. The weather was great, the town was quaint and picturesque and I took lots and lots of photos. 

Kivik is located at the Östersund
The sea between Sweden in the North and Germany/Poland in the South
Saturday we stayed in Kivik. Saw the unveiling of the tableau (see last Sunday's post), did more shopping at the market and I took more photos. Sunday was another lazy day, although I did go for a lovely long walk, coming back with some real nice chocolates. Monday was another bustour, this time to Kristianstad. More shopping, more sightseeing, more photos. Tuesday was yet another town: Ystad. A town I loved for its... well... everything really. The shops, the buildings, everything! More books, more knick-knacks and more photos. 

Streetart in Kristianstad
Our last full day was another day spent lazying about. I went for a long walk in the afternoon, saw more apples, ate some blackberries, photographed a snail and in the evening I tried to pack my suitcases. We left at ten on Thursday to make our way back to Kopenhagen to catch our direct flight to Haugesund. Normally they would have a bit of a stop in Malmö to get some more shopping done, but this time they decided to do that at the airport. Where I had had enough, grabbed some lunch, plugged my ears and got out my new book about a hundred year old who climbed out of the window. 

Monastery in Ystad
It was a lovely holiday, but I must admit I was glad to be home again. On my own. To rest my brain before going back to work again on Monday. 


  1. Hari OM
    this looks pristine and gorgeous and well done on not restricting your travel. Though I completely understand the wave of warmth that comes with the return home!! YAM xx

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I would love to visit Sweden someday!

  3. I cannot catch up on all of your posts, but I thought I'd zero in on this one. I can well imagine that it is a lovely country, but I don't think I can imagine any place more beautiful that Norway.

  4. So it was more of a shopping trip for your Norwegian friends? Is Sweden cheaper? Are they more fashionable?


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