Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Cross-country running! And I am winning...
So, have you been watching a bit of the Olympics? Watched sports you didn't even know existed? To my shame I have to admit I have! Because I should be studying right now: words and grammar and pronounciation. But I have been drawn to the Olympics. So far I have only watched the swimming, the diving, the gymnastics, the three-day-eventing, some rowing, some judo, some archery, some beach volleyball and many more besides. Sports I would not normally watch, bar the gymnastics and the diving perhaps.

If you will watch the final of the woman's overall gymnastics, keep a look out for the Dutch girl: she is born in the town I now live in! And of course we have a great Dutch guy on the high bar in the final as well. Absolutely amazing. Perhaps you have already heard about the Dutch gold: Marianne Vos in the cycling road race. Fantastic, even if I didn't see it. Of course the commentaries are so biased, I keep switching between several channels to get the most of what I want to see.

But, as I said, I should be studying. And so far, I haven't done that much yet. But I promise: as of tomorrow, I will be a good girl (kicks little devil of shoulder) and start. Otherwise the course I will be on next week, will be a waste of money and time!


  1. We haven't watched nearly as much of the Olympics as you have, you naughty girl. Study, study, study, or, as you said, your course will be a waste of time and money.
    However, I love the photo of you winning the cross-country running. It's wonderful!
    Luv, K


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