Friday, 27 July 2012


Normally when we ask for our annual holiday, we ask from Saturday to Sunday. And so I did this year. At least I thought I had, until I got my request back and started looking at it properly. Sunday to Sunday! Ah well, it was in the middle of the school holidays, so what were the chances of me actually working on Saturday? Well, turns out: 100%!

So, now I've got a holiday from Sunday to Saturday, since the last Sunday of my holiday I gave up in order to not go to the Olympics. I don't mind that much though. It hasn't been busy at work at all lately and I have been able to enjoy time off without any problems.

Tomorrow one last day of work (another of those festivals) and then it's off for almost two weeks.


  1. Whenever, whatever - enjoy:-)

  2. Whenever, whatever - enjoy:-)

  3. Oops - why did that post twice?

  4. Enjoy. We have a few weeks too.

  5. Enjoy your time off. Will you be watching the Olympics on TV?
    Sweet pictures of your babies.


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