Saturday, 21 July 2012

What did you say?

Of late Wuppie has the tendency to sleep on his 'good' ear. Which means that when he is asleep, he doesn't hear as much. So, when I get up, he doesn't twitch his ears and doesn't look up at me to find out if there is a treat in store like the door to the garden opening. I daren't start stroking him either: I am afraid it will just startle him so much, he will end up clinging to the ceiling!

In the photo you can actually see the difference between his two ears quite well. The ear on the right (his left ear) is completely normal and the ear on the left (his right) is thick and feels very hard. He doesn't mind me touching it though, although too much is not good. Then again, touch his good ear too much isn't good either!

The chair he is sitting on while I took his picture, is actually the chair he prefers to sit on now. With only two cats in the house, they have their 'own' place now. Linette on her little couch and Wuppie the big chair. The only place they will occasionally share is the arms' bench in front of the window or me!


  1. He's still beautiful, Mara. Give him a hug from me.

  2. We had a cat who went deaf. I don't know if he was stone deaf, but he must have been close to it.


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