Sunday, 15 July 2012


In Dutch my jobtitle is a buschauffeur. Nicely taken from the French as so many other words in our language as well. Like directeur or masseur. And people immediately think that because I am a woman the jobtitle should be womanised. Or femalised or whatever you call it. Making me a chauffeuse!

Now, a few years ago I heard the description of a chauffeuse: it's a woman who heats up elderly French men. So, needless to say, I never called myself a chauffeuse again!

A couple of days ago I had some people on the bus and they again called me a chauffeuse. I immediately told them the proper meaning and the conversation then went on to know what I considered to be old. In French men that is.

So you all know: French men are okay up to the age of 35, after that: no! Italian men are okay as well. Up to the age of 35 as well. As long as you don't catch a mama's boy (which I once did and jealous to boot) of course!

And then came the best part of the day: whether I really meant that 35 was too old? Well, in French men? Of course I meant it. But surely I wasn't old enough to know! I am 41, I think I am old enough to know thank you very much!! Well, I certainly didn't look 41 yet! Wasn't he nice?

PS1: if it were young French men I needed to heat up, I might reconsider calling myself a chauffeuse. Or youngish whatever nationality men looking like Matt Damon. Definitely a chauffeuse then!!!

PS2: I believe the proper French title for a female busdriver or any driver would be conductrice. Which happens to be a train ticket controller in the Netherlands. What do you mean: confusing!


  1. Interesting information. Really, 35 is too old? I only thought men thought that way about woman!

  2. A conductrice in French is a female car driver but could also be a train driver. From Franch men in their 30th I can only say they have a big mouth and nothing else ! Maybe there are some exceptions but I never met one !
    We came back from rainy Ijburg, fortunately it stopped from time to time so that we could walk around a little and also visit a cute little village (forgot the name, but will write about it later)

  3. Since I am 30 years past 35, I guess I know why I can never pick up chicks.

  4. conductrice sounds like conductor - I recall when buses always had a driver and a conductor - the latter used to go around the bus collecting fares leaving the driver to concentrate on driving - the conductors (majority female) were known as "clippies" - have you ever watched any of the "On the Buses" films? A bit dated and sexist but quite funny.


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