Sunday, 8 July 2012

I didn't think

Church in Klietz, Germany where I stayed Monday
Notice the bullet damage at the top!
Did I ever tell you I hate cherries? Even if they do top a cake, they are not always great as I found out!

I had asked for this weekend off, when I was told I had to work on Monday morning. Taking a group to Germany for my colleague (who would take over in Germany and go the rest of the way). But said colleague was already leaving on Sunday, so there was a bit of confusion. In the end the confusion got untangled though and we knew what was what. He starts Sunday to go to a hotel, I start Monday to take his people to the hotel, where we change and I drive back home.

So far, so good. And then I asked where the group had to come from. Turns out it is close to both the German and Belgian border: all the way in the south of the Netherlands. And I had to leave there at 7am! Well, after telling the planner off for giving me the weekend off and then giving me this trip, he backtracked and was willing to let me start later. Of course I felt okay at that time and said, nooo, don't worry, I will do it. You can owe me!

I am sorry I said that now. Because in order for me to arrive in time, get my required rest and start driving again, I will have to leave at 2.30am! That is half past two in the morning!!! HALF PAST TWO!!!!!!

I should have known better, but as another colleague pointed out: I said yes, so no point in griping about it now! *Gripe, gripe*


  1. HALF PAST TWO! That's crazy early! I hope you had a good day today! Do you drink coffee??

  2. Hardly worth going to bed when you have to be up so early. I like a fresh cherry but I won't eat any other kind.


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