Monday, 16 July 2012

Happy bunny

This was the only bunny related photo I had!
Another hurdle is about to be taken. Because today I went to my new Norwegian class for the first time. A different school, a different teacher, although she knows my first teacher very well: they are in the same year at university doing the same study! But anyway...

Today was meant as a sort of intake and evaluation course. Only two hours instead of the normal five and not as intense probably as the proper course will be. My teacher had brought some exercises for me to fill out, but in the end left half of them behind, since she deemed them "too easy" for me! At the end of the afternoon we decided I would continue to study as much as I could from the books I have and by the time we would meet again (in three weeks' time), we would go over what I should have learnt and practice practice and practice some more.

Besides that she will try and ask me questions that might be asked in an interview, go over grammar and basically get me to level B1 before the end of the course. She felt very confident that that should be possible, which made me feel real good of course.

So, I am a happy bunny right now. What more can I say?


  1. But you still can't get into the walled garden.
    Too bad.
    Luv, K

  2. I can't imagine that gate keeping self-respecting rabbits out. :)

  3. Good news indeed ! If ever you are hired as "chauffeur" you can chat with the locals, but don't drive against a tree then !
    I spent a rainy weekend in Amsterdam ! but we tried to make out the best of it !


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