Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Five years ago I got a new passport. It was my third or fourth and for the first time ever I wasn't allowed to smile in the photograph. Nor was I allowed to wear my glasses. So a very grumpy looking person looks at me from my passport. And then about two weeks ago I got a letter from the council: my passport is about to expire and I need a new one.

First thing this morning I made my way to the photographer to get my passport photo taken. And guess what: I was allowed to smile! And I could keep my glasses on as well. When I got to the town hall I only had to wait a few minutes before it was my turn and then I handed over my old passport (so they can see I am the genuine Mara) and my new photo. And then I had to leave my fingerprints. First a few from my left hand and then a few from my right hand. I handed over some money, got my passport back and a letter and was told to come back next week to pick up my new passport.

As you can see, the passport at the top is an older one still. I actually have all my old passports: holes punched in them or large chunks cut out of them!


  1. That is very strange ! 10 years ago I was allowed to smile on my passport picture and on my new one I wasn't allowed to smile but I could keep my glasses. They made a big fuss with the photo so many pixels and special photographer for passport photos etc etc ! It was crazy. Now I look like a pickled cucumber !

  2. So funny. Different countries change their rules at different times. We are unsmiling and grim in our present passports but who knows what the next ones will be like?
    Greetings from the Volga-Baltic Waterway. They're just announcing tonight's vodka-tasting. I think I'll skip it.
    -- K

  3. This reminds me that I am about three year late in renewing mine. Not that I plan on needing one in the near future, but you never know.

  4. Ed and I have passports, but the girls do not. We should get them each one in case we have the opportunity to travel overseas!

  5. When I got my first one this year they would not let me smile!


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