Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh nice!

As you may remember I brought a troop of scouts to Sweden last week (via Denmark). Well, that troop (and hundreds more) will need to go back home again this weekend. Originally the plan was that they (the Dutch contingent) would leave Sweden around 10am on the Sunday. But due to the large number of troops all leaving or wanting to leave, they have pushed the time up to 1.45. AM!!! Which also means it's no point going to bed today, since I will be picked up extremely ridiculously early!

We will be staying in a hotel in Kristianstad in Sweden which is about a 20 minute drive to the Jamboree and from there we will be leaving for Denmark and Germany. In Germany there will be driver's change: we go to a hotel and the new (and fresh) driver will take them to wherever they came from in the Netherlands.

Am I looking forward to it? I am not sure...

PS: for some reason my blog won't let me add photos from my computer: it keeps saying security alert! Very annoying and that's why you see Viking Mara again. Any help is greatly appreciated!


  1. Charming photo, though! Wishing you luck and some good sleep when the time comes!

    And I hope the bus you're driving is not as full as the minibus I took in Moldova a while ago!

  2. It sounds exciting to me. I know your will be busy but getting away from home is always a treat!

  3. Strange things computers do to us, and we never know why.
    Hope you come through this leg of the Scouting Expedition safe and sound.
    Thinking about you, Viking Mara.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. So you are on the road again ?
    I never use the Blogger uploading thing. I upload to Picasa directly and take the photo codes from there. It is much quicker and you can upload even 10 pictures at one time. In fact it's the same only quicker than Blogger.
    I hope the horns on your head don't mean anything :) !

  5. And I would be extremely ridiculously crabby at that hour! I hope they're paying you overtime!

  6. Happy trails to you.

    I don't know but maybe your security settings in Windows are really high. I can't see how that would stop you from uploading a picture, so I'm just tossing out a thought.

  7. Mara, you make a very fetching Viking ;-)


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