Monday, 8 August 2011


Wow, two days of early starts really makes your head hurt. At least it does mine! But everything went smoothly, despite some confusion at the start, some more confusion at the end, a driver who forgot to take the turning towards Malmö and some drivers who didn't have a clue how our coaches worked!

I was picked up early Saturday morning by my colleague to go to work. I then drove to the next pick-up point to pick up two more colleagues and then we drove to the main pick-up point to be picked up by the coach that was going to take us to Sweden. I did manage to get a front seat (I can get sick in the back) and even managed to get about an hour and a half of sleep somewhere. When daylight started, so did the road works, but because it was still early it was also quite quiet on the road so we didn't loose much time over that.

The Twisting Torso Tower of Malmö (Sweden)
We arrived early in the afternoon and then there was the debate of going to sleep first and then for dinner or dinner first and then sleep. I opted for the second choice (I think I came up with it, but that might just be me being very bigheaded) and in the end most of us did. Me and my three immediate colleagues went to a small Italian restaurant and after a very nice and tasty meal we went back to our hotel. I took a few photos along the way and was in bed by 4.30pm.

The church in Kristianstad (Sweden)
Even though the room was absolutely boiling I was one of the few ones who actually got a good amount of sleep in: around 8 hours! So I was quite fresh when we had to pick up our troops at 2am! Yes, another early start, but since so many had to leave that day, an early start was probably for the best. As soon as my troop was on, they went to sleep and most of them never saw any of the films I played for them. I was in the second group to take the ferry crossing towards Germany and arrived at the changing location at about 11.15am. Which is where I said goodbye to my troop, was presented with one of those sew-on badges and went to the hotel.

We left the hotel again at a quarter past nine at night and I was home at 1.30am this morning. Forty-eight hours after leaving. What a weekend!


  1. Dib, dib, dib, dob, dob, dob - hope you've sewn on your badge. What was it for? Navigation?

  2. Interesting second word in that first sign -- at least to English folk. :)

  3. I agree with Anvilcloud...I need to show that sign to Ed! He'll be laughing for sure. :)

    You really did have an early start! Sounds like a very interesting weekend!

  4. We're snickering here too. tee hee

  5. Wow, that really sounds exhausting yet you got in some good sleep. I agree with eating first then sleeping because once you hit the sheets your wouldn't have wanted to get up to go to dinner!


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