Tuesday, 2 August 2011


No, I haven't turned to farming
And there I was getting all excited! Because as I was making a back-up, I thought about all those other back-ups I've made over the past few years and I figured I might inadvertent inadvertantl inadver by accident have saved some photos of long ago. So, I dug up the old discs and started getting through them. I should have realised...

The very first time I started making back-ups was after my knock-out fight with my laptop. I knocked, he was out! And I mean out, really out. His light went out, he rolled over and he was dead. As a doornail (or should that be doorsnail) dead. I took it to two different people and both of them said he was beyond cpr. One of them said it might be possible, but that it would cost me an arm and a leg (I would like to keep both, thank you very much).

So, the only thing I found today were a few video's I hadn't realised I still had, one with the amazing lenght of 1 second!! Blink and it's gone. I deleted it.

Ah well, that's life...


  1. That's too bad. We could all do better about doing backups. Then we should backup our backups. :)

  2. I put my pictures right away on an external memory and otherwise I don't have a lot in my computer. I am now in Oxford and of course when I arrive, the rooter of the staircase where I live in the Balliol college (I actually have a room there and don't sleep in the staircase) was out of work and I without internet ! I couldn't even work out what to see and had to do it the traditional way : go to a Tourist information office !

  3. Soon we'll be backing up with tapes and then pen and paper;-)

  4. Hmm, charming outfit.

    I should make a backup of my photos again. It's been a while... Thanks for reminding me ;-)

  5. So what were you doing in the picture? I send all my photos to Kodak so I always have them backed up. (as long as they don't have some fire)

  6. sucks hu?
    I always make sure to put my pictures on a zip drive as soon as I load them on the computer


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