Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The last day

Moomin shopwindow in Copenhagen
(Moomin is Finnish by the way)
It was my last mobility day today. My parents will return from their holiday tonight and want their car back. Which is a shame, because now I will have to cycle to work again. I didn't do as much as I could have, but that was mostly because last week it was autumn over here: rain, rain, wind and more rain. I did however visit a friend and I visited my brother and his family on Sunday, which was really nice.

Today I visited another friend before taking the car back to my parents' and then taking the bus home. I kept falling asleep all the time, sometimes in between stops! Good thing I wasn't driving!!! After I got home I did my last bit of shopping so I could make a really good looking treat. But in the end I didn't: the strawberries had gotten legs in less than a day and I had to throw them out. I will wait for next week when my two friends will come over and we will try and make a proper afternoon tea for us three (my friend C makes the scones because they always turn out flat if I make them).

Tomorrow I am back to work: one of the biggest festivals of the country with about 25,000 people needing to be transported from two different train stations to the festival site. Together with tents and other assorted luggage! It should be fun. I even have to sleep in a hotel tomorrow, even though I live only half an hours drive away!


  1. That festival sounds awesome. Hope you get to enjoy some of it. Sorry you have to give the car back. Have a nice time with your friends next week.

  2. Isn't it discouraging when autumn arrives in August? When we lived in Minnesota, the end of August was the end of good weather. Sounds like you're going to be busy.

  3. That window display is just too cute! What kind of things does Moomin sell? Is it a children's store?

  4. What festival is it ? Not a youth festival with the pope ? We too had that awful weather and I already wanted to throw myself out of the window but I live in a bungalow. no chance.

  5. Ah, freedom. Having a car really is great, especially when you are not used to it. Now that I live in Moldova, I hoof it everywhere or take taxis. It's easy to do here in the capital of Chisinau, except when you have a lot of shopping to do.

    About the rain: I just saw on TV that the Netherlands is experiencing "severe drought." Go figure.

    Have fun at the festival, if you get to see some of it.

  6. Yeah, it's always a shame when the parents want their car back, isn't it? LOL
    Glad you weren't on your bicycle when you were falling asleep.
    Luv, K, hi from D

  7. Hope you have fun at the festival. Sounds like our Glastonbury! A


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