Thursday, 4 August 2011

More randomness

As I was going through all my old photos the other day, I saw so many photos that needed an outing into the www, I realised another random photo thingy was in order. So, here they are!

The photo at the top was taken some time in early 1992 as I was working for Club Med. Me and a couple of others were 'impersonating' the B52's, a great sounding band that was quite popular at the time. I was supposed to be one of the lead singers and for that reason my hair is so high. It hurt like awfully though trying to get that hair down again though and it would usually give me a splitting headache! It looked good though...

This second photo was taken when the primary school I went to back in the day celebrated its 5-year anniversary. We had a parade through the neighbourhood and everybody came dressed up. I was dressed in my mother's wedding dress (cut to size). I was teased a lot with that, because our teacher was dressed as a groom. The top anyway, the bottom was a football (the proper version) player!

The third photo that needed an outing was taken only a few years ago. As you may know two friends, my sister and I love to go to the sauna. Unfortunately, with four women it's sometimes really hard to find a day on which each and every one is okay to go to the sauna. So, we may set a date and find out later our bodies don't cooperate. Which probably was the case this time, since we went bowling and then out to dinner. Now, I may look great in this photo (modesty is so not my middle name), but I remember feeling incredibly bad. I had a massive attack of the migraine, probably due to coffee or chocolate or beer or all three combined and was almost constantly popping pills (which didn't help either). Despite all that though, I did fine on the bowling and supervised the others while they were eating.

The last photo I wanted to show was taken during the only Hallowe'en party I ever organised. It was a bit of a flop, but the people who did come were all dressed up, so that was good. My sister and I had cleared my parents' living room with the help of my Mum and then draped sheets over the remaining things. We had made blood filled profiteroles (don't you just love food colouring?) and other creepy edibles and as a little scare I had used some fishing line to hang a spider in the toilet bowl. A big black spider! Well, it certainly did get a massive reaction. At one point a blood curdling scream came from the toilet. Unfortunately it was me... I had forgotten all about the spider!


  1. These posts are kind of interesting and fun.

  2. I would have screamed, too. Ooh, I've got horrible, cold shivers now.(Can you have hot shivers??)

  3. These pictures are so much fun. Your one hot chick in that first picture. Seems like your time at Club Med was filled with a lot of fun. What a sweet bride you were. Can't believe you scared yourself, that is so funny.

  4. Oh, weren't you just the cutest thing? Yes, these pictures really are fun.
    Laughed and laughed at you, screaming at your own rubber spider.
    My kid brother and his friend had an art studio in my basement when they were in college. His friend brought his tarantula to the studio, and threatened to give it my new kitten for lunch. That's when I screamed.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. love the pictures
    i graduated in 92
    i love the terantula in the toilet, makes me miss mine that i used to have
    the toilet looks so different from what we have now
    since my david is a plumber he has a book on toilets for customers to look at to choose and the style where the tank is up high and theres a pull string are so expensive.

  6. Who would have guessed you'd have such an exciting past!


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