Saturday, 27 August 2011


1988: my new big shirt. With lions...
I am incredibly fussy when it comes to clothes and shoes. Nothing too fussy, too flowery, too buttony or too zippy. Nothing too wide or too tight. And shoes should be flat, leather and black. Which makes shopping quite an ordeal at times. Especially when it comes to pj's.

Now, I do own a few pairs of pj's. Nice thick ones that are so cozy and snuggly and perfect for a cold winter's night. But I don't sleep in them. I wear a vest and a pair of shorts to bed. Otherwise I will float out of my bed due to perspiration. Finding a vest is easy: look in the old lady's department of any store and you will find vest upon vest. Finding a pair of pj shorts however is another matter altogether.

For years I've been wearing the same pairs and they are getting decidedly thin. The elastic has been replaced on most, I've had to close quite a few holes with needle and thread and overall they are past their prime. So, I needed new ones. Which proved to be virtually impossible! Even if a shop did carry a line of shortamas (as they are also known), they were invariably too small. Of course you might also say I am too big, but let's not!

In the end one of the shops I like to go to (Ulla Popken for your information) suggested I try their online store. Which of course didn't stock them anymore either. But the internet is big and I kept on trying. And lo and behold: I found some! Just one problem: I didn't really understand the sizes. Not because they were American or British, but because they were man's sizes! I did give it a go though and when I got back from work today, one of my neighbours told me there was a package for me: my shortamas!

Well, since I had to guess the size, it was of course a bit of gamble whether or not they would fit. But they did! The smaller size anyway, the other one is going back asap. The site I got them from now also stocks lady's shortamas as well, but with my new pairs I should be able to keep going for another 5 years at least! This internetthingy is great!!


  1. Oh, thank you thank you, you just reminded me I have to check out as soon as I get a decent internet connection. (This comment might or might not appear on your blog.)
    Congratulations on finding pyjama shorts. I would have bought pyjama bottoms and cut them to the length I wanted, but you are very determined. Or dedicated to the cause of comfort.
    Anyway, good for you, and thanks for reminding me.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. What is this internetthingy of which you speak?

  3. Glad you found some that work. I love to shop on the internet. I just did this morning! I love pajamas but I am also warm at night.


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