Sunday, 11 May 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-14

The last few bits to go on and I will be finished. First there is the cap. It is again a white cotton and lace affair. Isn't it beautiful? It should have a silver cap (yes, proper silver) cap underneath and then earstuds just above the ears, but I certainly haven't got the money for that now. It will be on my wishlist however!

Since I don't have the silver cap and earstuds I decided to go for earrings. They are the Norwegian 'bunad' earrings and are quite pretty I think. I had been thinking of doing the whole thing in Dutch, but then again, I am living in Norway now, so a few influences would be nice. Just to show I like it here! Whether they will really be visible under the cap, I don't know though.

The next thing is the lace choker in black. Officially any jewelry with an outfit like this should be coral or jet. Coral is a red stone that I feel would be the wrong colour with the outfit. Jet is of course black, but also very very expensive. Especially if you want a whole choker necklace made out of it! So, I turned to my mother and she made me this beautiful black lace choker with a little silver thread thrown in.

And then the final thing. Because no girl can go anywhere without her little designer handbag. A little lace handbag, made yet again by my mother. With room for my money, my phone and even my lippy! It has some silver thread details on the outside and if you enlarge, you can probably see the material used for the skirt underneath the black lace.

Come back next week for the full result!!


  1. Hari OM
    Can't wait!!! Loving the bling.

    Commiserations to Nederlands for last night...I'm afraid visuals overtook common sense, Sweden was the better singer and song to my ear. But there ya go. Eurovision. YAM xx

  2. Love the hat and I think those earrings are going to look great.
    Sweet little purse too! Can't wait to see it all together.....

  3. I am just so amazed by your mother's talents. All are so beautiful.

    1. My mother's talents and her friend's are really great. I knew it would all be beautiful, I had no idea it would be this fine! I will be standing out for sure but in a very positive way I think!

  4. Your Mom is very talented.


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